The body lay out on the road, where I had placed it. Now and then, I’d go to the window and see it, still lying out there in the bright sun. Of course I had a million other things to do today and could not devote my full attention to it. But every time I... Continue Reading →


The lover of poetry

He’d read poetry to her. Verses and stanzas he’d cut out from magazines. Second-hand books he’d buy cheap from street vendors and lend to her one at a time, like a magpie guarding its precious treasure. Often, she’d tune out, trying to stifle her yawns and rein in her wandering thoughts, finding it all so... Continue Reading →

‘Beautiful, intelligent…a charming conversationalist’

Mayura was in trouble. On the surface, things were progressing smoothly. Ashwin’s father had asked her dad all the right questions about his health, his business, India’s prospects in international cricket, and so on. Her mother, in turn, had praised his mom’s choice of sari. As a bonus, even the woman’s stylish bob and her... Continue Reading →

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