Role reversal

The bitch and the Goddess sat down for a chat.

Blowing steam off her hot mug, the Goddess said, “Been such a hectic week. You remember Ajay, your blue-eyed one? Fixed him up good, I must say.”

“Noooo! What did you do this time? Haven’t I told you not to mess around with my works-in-progress?” whined the bitch.

“Oh this one was good, you’ll see,” smiled the Goddess, “All I did was grant him that dream job he’s been hoping and praying for.”

At that, the bitch put down her coffee. “Please tell me you didn’t! I didn’t plan on him getting the job! I’d planned for him to move out and find himself a whole new life!”

“Well, okay, calm down sistah,” grinned the Goddess, “It was what he wanted. So no harm done, right?”

“Oh, but you don’t understand!” cried the bitch.

“Really?” the Goddess raised an eyebrow. “And what exactly do I not understand?”

“Well,” admitted the bitch, “That job is a honey-trap. I set it up with the vilest boss I could find – and all I needed was to find the right victim to punish it with!”

Ah, thought the Goddess, and you think I didn’t know that?


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