Good God!

“Do you think God exists?” she asked suddenly. The two friends sat quietly in the coffee shop, too tired for any more words, both staring idly at the dusk slowly gathering outside.

Krish looked at her with mild curiosity.

“Why do you ask?” he asked in turn, knowing very well what crisis of life had impelled his friend to revisit her faith.

“Well, I don’t know…it just seems lately that I am all alone, that no one is bothered about me or my life, no one cares whether I live or die…” she said, catching herself just in time to conjure a smile and add, “Apart from you, of course. You are seriously the best friend one could find in the whole wide world!”

The waiter brought another round of tea and sandwiches and, as he served, the ‘world’s best friend’ yawned surreptitiously. Immediately, three spheres spilled out of his mouth. Spinning round and round at the speed of light, they quickly found their way to the table and disappeared under the tablecloth.

Krish leaped up like a scalded cat. “Just a second,” he mumbled to the sad girl opposite and, before she could ask or comment, ducked in after the rotating discs. Only after he had found them and popped them safely back in his mouth did he stop to catch his breath.

Couldn’t have three whole planets missing from the universe he had created, could he?


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