Letting go is hard to do

The boyfriend and the cat could not live together. The allergy was killing him. Obviously the animal had to go.


It took her the good part of an hour to pack Monster’s bag. Who’d have known a cat could have so many chewies, beds, blankies and assorted possessions?


“Here Monster!” she beckoned, “come here to Mama!” Hugging the furball, she fought her tears. She went to look for Nishant and found him lounging about near the kitchen window, nursing a drink.


“Is it time?” he asked. She nodded mutely, no words necessary to express her sorrow.


That night in bed, she held him tight, his sweet purring soothing her frayed nerves. Obviously she couldn’t sleep yet. It would take some getting used-to, this starting again in a strange new place.


But the sacrifice had not been in vain. Earlier that evening, Nishant had called. He was doing fine without the anti-allergens, he said. For the first time in years, her beloved ex-boyfriend would sleep peacefully tonight.


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