About Manisha


I’m a writer/ editor with 10 years of experience in print, online media & business content.

Right now, I am very excited about my short story that’s been published in this anthology: Urban Shots – Crossroads (2012).

I love to read, write & travel. I also cook up at least 3 new ideas in my head – mostly themes for short stories & other types of fiction – every single day. My cell phone is the most precious thing I own – not because of the contacts on it, but because it holds – literally – thousands of ‘quick notes’ of my nutty ideas.

I am interested in all things weird & wonderful. I am the person you call when you discover a completely random, absolutely useless nugget of information – such as the five types of flowers Cleopatra used in her bath or the number of bees in a hive…you get the picture.

Adding a spot of color to my drab personality is my utter obsession with cats! Just send me cat pictures, stories about kittens, videos or what-have-you & I am yours. Seriously! 😉

Hope you enjoy yourself here. Would love to hear your thoughts about my stories.


6 thoughts on “About Manisha

  1. “You have a visitor.” “Huh?” She looked towards a cardboard box that was pilfered on the neighbor cats’ behalf.
    “I hate cats,” she hissed. “They’re sneaky”. The cat stayed.
    Her estranged father dropped in for a visit and asked “What the hell is that cat doing here?”. The cat stayed.
    The pathetic teeny little white furred critter ran over to her. He stopped and meowed, and ran straight into her house like he owned it. Then the cat stayed.
    He used to purr a lot, but stopped somehow along the way. But the cat stayed.
    She learnt the hard way that just like most men in her life, he did not come for her, he came for all her posessions. The cat stayed.
    She found it oddly arousing to keep him indoors and not neuter him. “Am I spayed?” she used to ask. The cat stayed.
    He would suddenly go tearing about the house. Then he would stare at the ceiling, and meow in a very loud voice. And then the cat stayed.

  2. you blog is useless and ugly just like you manisha! hahaha u kiddin me, that u write hahaha not funny really!

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