A small misunderstanding

The phone rang and rang. “Pick up pick up pick up,” he murmured into the mouthpiece. He really didn’t want to have to do this. He imagined their empty bedroom, the phone ringing so loudly. And his wife so oblivious, out whoring at 12 in the night. ‘Bitch!’ he thought. He’d been away from home... Continue Reading →


Newly married

“Anusha!” “Anushaaaa!” I flew out of the bathroom and into my room. Throwing off the towel, I yelled a quick ‘Coming!’ at the closed door. Aggravating the mother-in-law on Day Five would not do. Shuffling dripping wet hair from side to side, I yanked the kurta over my head and peered at my face in... Continue Reading →

Age no bar

“Aman, Aman!” I yelled. My poor husband fell over himself getting to the bathroom. But my hair had changed colour - almost overnight - and I had to tell someone! “Look here,” I said, showing him. “It’s happened, hasn’t it?” He took off his glasses and just stared and stared. Yes, he confirmed eventually, indeed... Continue Reading →

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