The last ride together

The bus stopped suddenly, jolting most passengers out of their light slumbers. Sounds of discontent were all around, turning formerly mute strangers into allies in this moment of crisis. “What’s the problem?” asked one. Turned out the driver had been called out by a traffic cop for non-possession of various documents - among them his... Continue Reading →


Payback time

The woman in yellow extended her arm to open the window. The rain had stopped and obviously she saw no reason why she should not. I could sense mild excitement building up all around the bus. The woman seated right beside her - the one who had politely requested some space to sit and who,... Continue Reading →

Old friends

The queue snaked forward. I looked up from my copy of ‘Papillon’ and immediately my gaze came to rest on him. Funny how you can always spot one familiar face in a sea of unknowns. I knew him from somewhere. I just didn’t know where. The bus arrived and stole my attention. A relief to... Continue Reading →

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