Boo-Boo lives under the desk

“Write. Your. Test.” The teacher hollered. But of course the boy couldn’t. In the middle of the test, just when he needed it the most, his wily little stub of a pencil had slipped out of his chubby hands and fallen to the ground. And there it lay now, down in the ominous gloom under... Continue Reading →



“Do you like it?” I asked my husband of two years, stooping as low as to fish for a compliment. “Sure, it’s nice.” More a snap than a compliment, and then his eyeballs leaped back to where they’d been all evening, hungrily devouring the giant screen in the corner. These were certainly not the hungry... Continue Reading →


It was a cold, cold day. He sat working at his desk at home, feet burrowed snugly into the fur of his wife’s dog. Taking a break, he watched the snowflakes drift to the ground outside and got up to make yet another cup of coffee. He remembered how she’d made such a fuss over... Continue Reading →

Nailed it!

“Change the color,” I said, “Only nude for me.” The assistant stood up and rolled her eyes at the salon supervisor. I didn’t actually see it happen but from long experience I know just what these people are like. She finished putting on the final coat of paint and sat back on her haunches. I... Continue Reading →

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