Surgery gone wrong

It was time to make the incision. Nervous, my new colleague looked to me for assurance. I smiled at him; it was a simple-enough procedure - only a total fool could botch an operation of this nature. In unison, we looked down at the exposed leg of the man lying inert before us. The man... Continue Reading →


In the face of sorrow

The bus crawled forward. The stationary caravan of heaving, honking vehicles did nothing for her spirits. Weary, she closed her eyes and rested her head on the steel bar at the window. Soon, she slept. It was a few moments before she realized she had been crying. Her cheek felt moist and she used a... Continue Reading →

The bones

The dig site was buzzing. The men swarmed the place, looking for another clue to the puzzle. Still more of my men stood around with blazing torches, lighting up the night. I was more or less oblivious to it all. Picking up the bone again, I felt along its ridges. It was massive, larger even... Continue Reading →

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