National Highway 7

It had been a wild, exhilarating week on the road. On a long break from work, National Highway 7 was all that we’d been promised, and more. The rented SUV thrummed powerfully under my hands as we passed our 126th milestone of the day. “I am lovin’ it,” Sara parodied the famous McD’s anthem. And... Continue Reading →


The last ride together

The bus stopped suddenly, jolting most passengers out of their light slumbers. Sounds of discontent were all around, turning formerly mute strangers into allies in this moment of crisis. “What’s the problem?” asked one. Turned out the driver had been called out by a traffic cop for non-possession of various documents - among them his... Continue Reading →

Hindsight is 20/20

The trees huddled together, whispering like a bunch of grousy old maids. Today the green was less emerald, the overcast sky brought no pleasure. She leaned out the window and took in the desolate driveway undulating under the wheels. Ahead, the building stood in the middle of yet another patch of gray. Hot and unrelenting,... Continue Reading →

Road to hell

“Kya hua idhar?” I asked the on-duty officer, more out of habit than any real expectation of an answer. “Same, sir. Truck hit road divider. Judging by the damage, speed seems to have been about 60 - very much in the normal range. Both driver and cleaner dead, either on impact or a little while... Continue Reading →

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