The ring

It never occurred to me to look under the bed. Actually, that was the second mistake I made. The first had to do with the keys. But it all starts with the ring. The ring had been a family heirloom, last passed down by my grandmother to Rita, my wife. That was before we divorced.... Continue Reading →


The last ride together

The bus stopped suddenly, jolting most passengers out of their light slumbers. Sounds of discontent were all around, turning formerly mute strangers into allies in this moment of crisis. “What’s the problem?” asked one. Turned out the driver had been called out by a traffic cop for non-possession of various documents - among them his... Continue Reading →

Portrait of a woman

Blue jeans-white shirt girl in a world of pink stilettos, she had everything of the tomboy about her. Many were the occasions I’d offered to take her shopping. Always, she refused. With time, I fine-tuned my strategy, discovering her weakness for chocolate cake and intelligent conversation. When she was about 16, she declared her intention... Continue Reading →

Age no bar

“Aman, Aman!” I yelled. My poor husband fell over himself getting to the bathroom. But my hair had changed colour - almost overnight - and I had to tell someone! “Look here,” I said, showing him. “It’s happened, hasn’t it?” He took off his glasses and just stared and stared. Yes, he confirmed eventually, indeed... Continue Reading →

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