Turning point

"B...But I can’t drive!" My words seemed to have no impact on the heartless man next to me. Leaning over casually, he sparked the ignition and left it all in my - no, God's - hands. Times like these I wondered how I had ever ended up marrying such a bad listener. Okay, so yes... Continue Reading →



The annual dread had set in. She wandered from room to lavish room, trying to drown out the awful baking stench. Music, dance, books, even the Internet had failed to alleviate the princess’ suffering. Hadn’t she done so much for her subjects? This year, especially, had been so very good. 3 hospitals within the last... Continue Reading →

Nailed it!

“Change the color,” I said, “Only nude for me.” The assistant stood up and rolled her eyes at the salon supervisor. I didn’t actually see it happen but from long experience I know just what these people are like. She finished putting on the final coat of paint and sat back on her haunches. I... Continue Reading →

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