Face. Off.

She tweaked his nose and stepped back. No, that wouldn’t do. Or maybe the eyes could be reshaped to balance it out…   A picture of concentration, she worked in silence. Fifteen minutes elapsed. Zakir Hussain and Karsh Kale reached the crescendo of Milan for the second time in a row. And still she hadn’t... Continue Reading →



Sunlight evaded the curtain and burnt his hair gold. I took a step back and watched from the doorway. As always, the long eyelashes poked sharp fingers into my soul, made me aware of my deep, unquenched longing. I needed to get on with it. But, mindless of the risk, I gave it another minute.... Continue Reading →

Cut and dried

She didn’t like his eyes. Dark and intense, they stared her down with their insouciance. Good thing he was far enough to not notice all the attention he was being paid now. She watched through the kitchen window as he was lifted, slowly, to what would be the 19th storey of the building yonder. Pulling... Continue Reading →

Hard at work

The nose was too shiny. Yes, that was it. Mona fired up Picasa a third time and went at once to work. Adjust light and shadow. Hmm, this looked better. But only slightly so. She cocked her head and tried to imagine the picture in black-and-white. It was worth trying, certainly. Oops, no, the gray... Continue Reading →

Nailed it!

“Change the color,” I said, “Only nude for me.” The assistant stood up and rolled her eyes at the salon supervisor. I didn’t actually see it happen but from long experience I know just what these people are like. She finished putting on the final coat of paint and sat back on her haunches. I... Continue Reading →

Road to hell

“Kya hua idhar?” I asked the on-duty officer, more out of habit than any real expectation of an answer. “Same, sir. Truck hit road divider. Judging by the damage, speed seems to have been about 60 - very much in the normal range. Both driver and cleaner dead, either on impact or a little while... Continue Reading →

An appointment

I met him in the elevator. “Which floor?” I asked, looking down at him. The lift trundled slowly upwards and I veiled my eyes and gave him a quick once-over. Tall and handsome, he looked dapper in his white shorts and navy blue shirt. Pity about the wheelchair though. “What happened to you?” My natural... Continue Reading →

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