In the face of sorrow

The bus crawled forward. The stationary caravan of heaving, honking vehicles did nothing for her spirits. Weary, she closed her eyes and rested her head on the steel bar at the window. Soon, she slept. It was a few moments before she realized she had been crying. Her cheek felt moist and she used a... Continue Reading →


A deal’s a deal

This was one wedding I had vowed not to attend. And yet here I was, driven perhaps by the insane urge to test the limits of my own endurance. My hardest moment came as they completed the seventh - final - round around the fire. I was not family - not to either of them... Continue Reading →

In the spirit

‘The chair creaked as he took his place beside the fire. Always a creature of habit, she looked up obediently. As always, the chair was empty. She sighed. There was no getting away from him now. At least he would go out when he had been alive. Now she missed those short breaks from the... Continue Reading →

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