Age no bar

“Aman, Aman!” I yelled. My poor husband fell over himself getting to the bathroom. But my hair had changed colour - almost overnight - and I had to tell someone! “Look here,” I said, showing him. “It’s happened, hasn’t it?” He took off his glasses and just stared and stared. Yes, he confirmed eventually, indeed... Continue Reading →


“The dice was loaded from the start…”

The flight was about to land. I put on the seatbelt and put away the book I had been trying to read for the past six hours. Seven hours since the death of hope and all I could think of were the memories. That first time she called to discuss business, the first time I... Continue Reading →

Vanity fair

I stroked her silver hair. My attention wandered. It was quiet in here, too quiet. Only the steady hum of the ventilator told me this was a hospital. I imagined myself 20 years on, lying prone and unconscious in a sterile bed just like this one. I was getting there for sure. Suddenly I stood... Continue Reading →

Hair. And now.

She unpinned her hair and I watched as the swirls cascaded around her shoulders. They flowed on down and gently skimmed her waist. It was beautiful. I’d always had a thing for long hair. As far back as I could remember, as long ago as in school, I always found a way to be seated... Continue Reading →

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