Hard at work

The nose was too shiny. Yes, that was it. Mona fired up Picasa a third time and went at once to work. Adjust light and shadow. Hmm, this looked better. But only slightly so. She cocked her head and tried to imagine the picture in black-and-white. It was worth trying, certainly. Oops, no, the gray... Continue Reading →


Surgery gone wrong

It was time to make the incision. Nervous, my new colleague looked to me for assurance. I smiled at him; it was a simple-enough procedure - only a total fool could botch an operation of this nature. In unison, we looked down at the exposed leg of the man lying inert before us. The man... Continue Reading →

Road to hell

“Kya hua idhar?” I asked the on-duty officer, more out of habit than any real expectation of an answer. “Same, sir. Truck hit road divider. Judging by the damage, speed seems to have been about 60 - very much in the normal range. Both driver and cleaner dead, either on impact or a little while... Continue Reading →

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