Hindsight is 20/20

The trees huddled together, whispering like a bunch of grousy old maids. Today the green was less emerald, the overcast sky brought no pleasure. She leaned out the window and took in the desolate driveway undulating under the wheels. Ahead, the building stood in the middle of yet another patch of gray. Hot and unrelenting,... Continue Reading →


Why won’t you talk to me?

“Hi there!” I called out. But failed to distract her from her reverie. Okay, this was new. Anyway, the dog tugged me in the other direction so, with a cheery wave of the hand, I was off after him. Two rounds of the garden later, I found her still at the same spot, still looking... Continue Reading →


It was a cold, cold day. He sat working at his desk at home, feet burrowed snugly into the fur of his wife’s dog. Taking a break, he watched the snowflakes drift to the ground outside and got up to make yet another cup of coffee. He remembered how she’d made such a fuss over... Continue Reading →

Nailed it!

“Change the color,” I said, “Only nude for me.” The assistant stood up and rolled her eyes at the salon supervisor. I didn’t actually see it happen but from long experience I know just what these people are like. She finished putting on the final coat of paint and sat back on her haunches. I... Continue Reading →

Vanity fair

I stroked her silver hair. My attention wandered. It was quiet in here, too quiet. Only the steady hum of the ventilator told me this was a hospital. I imagined myself 20 years on, lying prone and unconscious in a sterile bed just like this one. I was getting there for sure. Suddenly I stood... Continue Reading →

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