Newly married

“Anusha!” “Anushaaaa!” I flew out of the bathroom and into my room. Throwing off the towel, I yelled a quick ‘Coming!’ at the closed door. Aggravating the mother-in-law on Day Five would not do. Shuffling dripping wet hair from side to side, I yanked the kurta over my head and peered at my face in... Continue Reading →


Age no bar

“Aman, Aman!” I yelled. My poor husband fell over himself getting to the bathroom. But my hair had changed colour - almost overnight - and I had to tell someone! “Look here,” I said, showing him. “It’s happened, hasn’t it?” He took off his glasses and just stared and stared. Yes, he confirmed eventually, indeed... Continue Reading →


“Do you like it?” I asked my husband of two years, stooping as low as to fish for a compliment. “Sure, it’s nice.” More a snap than a compliment, and then his eyeballs leaped back to where they’d been all evening, hungrily devouring the giant screen in the corner. These were certainly not the hungry... Continue Reading →


Who was this man? I knew I had seen him before. But those had been entirely different circumstances. Shaking me hard, he called my name. I opened my eyes a little more. There were quite a few people standing around, none of them known to me. This couldn’t be good. My mind flashed back to... Continue Reading →

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