Fast food

There it was - the clattering sound again. “Did you hear it?” I asked, whipping around. “Actually, I did!” she exclaimed, amazed. So it was real. I wasn’t sure whether to weep or feel vindicated. To bolster my confidence, I settled on the latter. “Come, let’s go find it!” she jumped up. “No use. I’ve... Continue Reading →



The annual dread had set in. She wandered from room to lavish room, trying to drown out the awful baking stench. Music, dance, books, even the Internet had failed to alleviate the princess’ suffering. Hadn’t she done so much for her subjects? This year, especially, had been so very good. 3 hospitals within the last... Continue Reading →


It was a cold, cold day. He sat working at his desk at home, feet burrowed snugly into the fur of his wife’s dog. Taking a break, he watched the snowflakes drift to the ground outside and got up to make yet another cup of coffee. He remembered how she’d made such a fuss over... Continue Reading →

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