A fairy tale

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a beautiful Princess. The day our tale opens, our Princess woke with a yawn and a temper. It was her 18th birthday. To mark this unprecedented occasion, her doting father - the King - had organized a great ball. Royal families from kingdoms... Continue Reading →


A deal’s a deal

This was one wedding I had vowed not to attend. And yet here I was, driven perhaps by the insane urge to test the limits of my own endurance. My hardest moment came as they completed the seventh - final - round around the fire. I was not family - not to either of them... Continue Reading →


Who was this man? I knew I had seen him before. But those had been entirely different circumstances. Shaking me hard, he called my name. I opened my eyes a little more. There were quite a few people standing around, none of them known to me. This couldn’t be good. My mind flashed back to... Continue Reading →

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