Straight to the top

As the elevator rose, so did her spirits. Imitating the woman to her left, she stood a little straighter, bringing just the right degree of aloofness to her bearing. Busily checking her watch might be a good idea; she started consulting her wrist every few seconds. The elevator neared the top floor, filling her insides... Continue Reading →


Good God!

“Do you think God exists?” she asked suddenly. The two friends sat quietly in the coffee shop, too tired for any more words, both staring idly at the dusk slowly gathering outside. Krish looked at her with mild curiosity. “Why do you ask?” he asked in turn, knowing very well what crisis of life had... Continue Reading →

Ebb & flow

The waves greeted us and played with our toes as we clambered up the large black rock. Looking back over the beach, the vast shoreline reminded me, once again, of how insignificant all of this really was. “So?” he asked, “You wanna talk about it?” Actually no, I didn’t. But there was no way I... Continue Reading →

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