Short story

Newly married

“Anusha!” “Anushaaaa!” I flew out of the bathroom and into my room. Throwing off the towel, I yelled a quick ‘Coming!’ at the closed door. Aggravating the mother-in-law on Day Five would not do. Shuffling dripping wet hair from side to side, I yanked the kurta over my head and peered at my face in … Continue reading


Nailed it!

“Change the color,” I said, “Only nude for me.” The assistant stood up and rolled her eyes at the salon supervisor. I didn’t actually see it happen but from long experience I know just what these people are like. She finished putting on the final coat of paint and sat back on her haunches. I … Continue reading


Once in a lifetime

She’d made him print the extra invitations. Ask any young man of marriageable age – when you have a brand-new fiancée, you don’t refuse her anything that’s in your power to give. Okay, so they did cost him an extra thousand bucks. But if he overshot the budget, he could always take an advance on … Continue reading


An appointment

I met him in the elevator. “Which floor?” I asked, looking down at him. The lift trundled slowly upwards and I veiled my eyes and gave him a quick once-over. Tall and handsome, he looked dapper in his white shorts and navy blue shirt. Pity about the wheelchair though. “What happened to you?” My natural … Continue reading