“The dice was loaded from the start…”

The flight was about to land. I put on the seatbelt and put away the book I had been trying to read for the past six hours. Seven hours since the death of hope and all I could think of were the memories. That first time she called to discuss business, the first time I... Continue Reading →


Once in a lifetime

She’d made him print the extra invitations. Ask any young man of marriageable age - when you have a brand-new fiancée, you don’t refuse her anything that’s in your power to give. Okay, so they did cost him an extra thousand bucks. But if he overshot the budget, he could always take an advance on... Continue Reading →

An appointment

I met him in the elevator. “Which floor?” I asked, looking down at him. The lift trundled slowly upwards and I veiled my eyes and gave him a quick once-over. Tall and handsome, he looked dapper in his white shorts and navy blue shirt. Pity about the wheelchair though. “What happened to you?” My natural... Continue Reading →

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