Will you be my Valentine?

He adjusted his tie and practiced his line again. “Hi!” he began cheerily, “I’m here about the letter…” No, this wasn’t working. “Hi!” he tried once more, “About that letter you wrote me…I’d like to express my availability…” Damn! This sounded cheesy as hell. Should he extend his hand? Say that he was available for... Continue Reading →



The gnarled old boat rocked gently back and forth. He looked up to see three trucks full of dirt slowly lower their cargo into the placid water. Reeling in the line, he prepared to bait the net even as Sam bobbed up nearby. The fisherman yelled a slur at the monster, mainly to encourage it... Continue Reading →

An appointment

I met him in the elevator. “Which floor?” I asked, looking down at him. The lift trundled slowly upwards and I veiled my eyes and gave him a quick once-over. Tall and handsome, he looked dapper in his white shorts and navy blue shirt. Pity about the wheelchair though. “What happened to you?” My natural... Continue Reading →

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