The ring

It never occurred to me to look under the bed. Actually, that was the second mistake I made. The first had to do with the keys. But it all starts with the ring. The ring had been a family heirloom, last passed down by my grandmother to Rita, my wife. That was before we divorced.... Continue Reading →


The Long Silence

It was the sixth anniversary of The Long Silence, as they’d dubbed it, all those years ago. Standing at the window, waving at the kids’ school bus, she cast a cursory glance at the clock. Not time yet. Her husband came in, offering to deal with the breakfast. She left him with the eggs and... Continue Reading →


It was a cold, cold day. He sat working at his desk at home, feet burrowed snugly into the fur of his wife’s dog. Taking a break, he watched the snowflakes drift to the ground outside and got up to make yet another cup of coffee. He remembered how she’d made such a fuss over... Continue Reading →

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