What you can do

So, as someone who loves to write, I am always looking for new ideas/ concepts/ thoughts to write about. And I really appreciate any and all help I can get with this.

How this works is: You put down – in the ‘Comments’ section below – the coolest/ weirdest/ most interesting stuff that’s ever happened to you or to anyone you know. Even if it didn’t actually happen, you could still suggest any other idea that you think will make for a readable, interesting story. If I agree, I will work hard to turn your concept into a story for this blog.

That said, I am also very willing to give credit where it’s due. So if your idea becomes my story, not only do you earn the pleasure of reading something that originated in your head, you even get a line of acknowledgement for it!

Interested? A blank slate awaits you below. Do get posting!

Psst! If you don’t like going so public with your tale, just email me at mishka099@hotmail.com instead.


3 thoughts on “What you can do

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  1. there is an idea of a story. you can write it. there was this dreamy little girl. always dreaming. in school she went to her own thoughts or just looked out of the window blankly. the teacher said wake up from your dreams or you never do anything in your life. her big fat ugly aunt said ‘u absent minded professor do your house chores or no would marry you’ while she cowered and looked through her vision correction glasses. her friends ridiculed because she dreamt of a better world and refused to be drawn in anomalies.
    she was thinking all this as she woke from her thoughts due to the flashlights of the cameras. her book was best seller. she was to receive the booker tonite.

    she smiled she was still in her dreams, but she had converted her seeming weakness into something great.

    can u do something about the story. lemme knw


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